almanak opens the Opera's 3rd balcony as a dining bar

Almanak has just opened the Opera's third balcony facing the water and Amalienborg. On the balcony, which is furnished with high chairs and a dining bar with a direct view of the Marmor Church, there is the opportunity to enjoy a lighter meal in the form of charcuterie with water, wine or beer before the concerts.

On balcony 4, Almanak naturally continues to serve both 3-5 and 7-course menus.

The dining bar's charcuterie will consist of a selection of Danish sausages, Almanak's own smoked products, and cheeses. Home-baked rye bread and sourdough bread made from island wheat are also served.

Charcuterie with a view of the marble church & Amalienborg on the third balcony
Danish specialties of smoked products, sausages and cheese

An example of the dining bar's charcuterie serving

White brie from "fyn"
Dannebo bluecheese

Rikkes Favorite
Fennel sausage
Fanø ham
Beer sausage

Liver mousse
Chive mayonnaise
Blackberry compot
Gooseberry compot & gel

Sourdough bread
Pan-fried ryebread

NB: Cannot be made as vegetarian or pescetarian



During the last four Saturdays leading up to Christmas, from November 25th to December 16th, 2023, Almanak will be offering a Danish Christmas buffet against the backdrop of perhaps Denmark's best view.

Delightful cuisine in beautiful surroundings, coupled with good company, forms the focal point as we extend invitations to a maximum of 50 guests for a Christmas luncheon on the 4th balcony of the Opera.