Enjoy a meal before a show

Enjoy a meal before the performance.

Almanak in the Royal Opera is open on all days with shows at the Opera. When you aim to have a meal before the show, we'd like to ensure that your visit to the restaurant is a great and relaxed experience at a high culinary level, without unnecessary stress and food waste. For this reason, we kindly ask that you pre-order your dinner before performances at the Opera. Wine and other beverages do not need to be pre-ordered.

We recommend booking a table at least 2 hours before the start of the performance. Reservations open 3 months before the performance.

Our show menu

The winter menu is served from October 24th to December 22nd.
We accommodate allergens with prior information.

Our show menu: Here, our head chef in collaboration with the restaurant manager has curated a menu consisting of dishes that best reflect the current Danish season and are planned to complement the performance in the auditorium. However, we recommend that you arrive at least 2 hours before the start of the performance.


Charcuterie & Ad libitum bar

Served on the 3rd balcony on Tuesdays through Saturdays on performance days and Sundays on the 4th balcony.

Charcuterie & Open Bar: Our latest concept transforms the third balcony into a dining bar with a freely accessible bar. Carefully selected organic charcuterie items are presented along with the finest Danish cheeses from Arla Unika. These delicacies can be enjoyed alongside an extensive selection of organic wines, beers, and juices available until the start of the performance. You have complete control over the bar, enabling you to choose precisely what and how much you wish to savor.


Seafood Platter

Minimum 2. persons

We often associate seafood with sun and summer, but Nordic seafood actually tastes its best during the winter period.

The cold water ensures slow growth, providing the shellfish with a unique sweetness and depth of flavor.




During the last four Saturdays leading up to Christmas, from November 25th to December 16th, 2023, Almanak will be offering a Danish Christmas buffet against the backdrop of perhaps Denmark's best view.

Delightful cuisine in beautiful surroundings, coupled with good company, forms the focal point as we extend invitations to a maximum of 50 guests for a Christmas luncheon on the 4th balcony of the Opera.