Data Protection Policy on the processing of applications

LocaFood Aps, Berlingsbakke 1, finans.thestandard@locafood.dk, CVR. 38640584, is responsible for the processing of the information that is included in applications or that appear throughout an application process.

LocaFood processes, as a part of the recruitment, the information that applicants appear with through the applications, including name, address, educations, work experience, etc., in other words, primary and specific information. It is recommended not to raise sensitive information like race, religion, union-wise relation, criminal history, etc. in the application. If LocaFood needs to collect and process such sensitive personal data, in example, the criminal record or health information about an applicant, this will only happen through the consent of the respective applicant.

Cooperation in regard to the collection of a criminal record or special health information is not regulatory, although, the lack of cooperation may affect the terms of employment so that, possibly, employment cannot happen if such consent is not provided. This depends on certain circumstances and the character of the job function in consideration.

The legal basis on processing the information on the applicant is to be found in the GDPR, article 6, litra a (consent), litra b (measures prior to the conclusion of a contract), and litra f (taking care of interests).

Applicants have the right to get the information about what data LocaFood has on the applicant. Applicants also have the right to have corrected their information if this is incorrect, as well as applicants have the right to object to or request deletion or restriction of the processing of the data on the applicant. Inquiries, questions, or objections about the information on the applicant can be directed to LocaFood Aps, Berlingsbakke 1, DPO, Nikolaj Læsøe, Executive Assistant, tel. 30497320, nil@locafood.dk.

If the applicant is offered employment in LocaFood Aps, the information that has been collected throughout the application process will be transferred to the staff files. Information on employees is processed with regards to “The Data Protection Policy for Employees” in LocaFood Aps.

LocaFood Aps has established several technological and organizational security precautions in order to protect personal data of applicants against manipulation, theft, etc., and against unauthorized personnel to have access to the information about applicants. Only those employees in LocaFood Aps that, as a part of their job function needs to know about the information on applicants, have access to this. Security of LocaFood Aps is continually up for consideration and development in regards to the newest technological development.

If you believe that the processing of your personal data is against the regulatory and are unhappy with the correspondence with LocaFood Aps, and the DPO of the organization, you can file a complaint to Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 København K, dt@datatilsynet.dk.

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