The À la Carte experience at the opera

Located on the Opera House's top balcony, the Almanak restaurant in the Opera offers a truly unique dining experience in Copenhagen. Despite our location within the Opera House, we are open to everyone, for any occasion. You do not need a ticket to a performance to enjoy our unique setting and the spectacular architecture of the Opera House. Here, we celebrate tranquility and enjoyment—thus, table reservations for the restaurant come without time restrictions within the restaurant's opening hours.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday:

Evening: 17:30 – 24.00
Last possible reservation: 20:30

The free choice

The Free Choice: Here, you have the opportunity to shape the course of the evening by personally composing the menu.
Our menu will vary in accordance with the Danish seasonal progression.
We recommend selecting 3-5 courses depending on the level of appetite.
We accommodate allergens provided they are communicated in advance.


Tasting menus

The Tasting Menu: Sit back and relax as the head chef, in collaboration with the restaurant manager, has selected the dishes that best represent the Danish season.
We take allergens into account provided they are communicated in advance.


Seafood platter

Minimum 2. persons

We often associate seafood with sun and summer, but Nordic seafood actually tastes its best during the winter period.
The cold water ensures a slow growth, providing the shellfish with a unique sweetness and depth of flavor.



Lunch is open

Almanak in the Opera offers a delightful business lunch and a delicious weekend lunch when we open for lunch on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The lunch is our Danish homage to the French brasserie, where the heart beats especially high for local vegetables, fish, and seafood in season. Danish - honest - recognizable! That's Almanak's lunch.